Meet The Execs

Bill Zheng

Co-President, Co-Ops, Director of IT

Heyo! My name is Bill, and I am a grade ten partial IB student at Henry Wise Wood High School. I have been practicing and performing effective speaking since grade one and competed in several speech competitions. In my free time, I unleash my creativity through film and photography. My recent short documentary was selected as one of the “Top 25 First Time Filmmakers” in the Quarantine International Film Festival. In addition, I am a classical pianist and have been competing in major international and national competitions in and out of Canada and China.

Veronica Cheon

Co-President, Co-Ops

Hey everyone! I’m Veronica, and I am a grade ten student taking the IB diploma programme at Henry Wise Wood Senior High School. I have been an active member of my school’s debate team since grade six and have competed in local competitions and regional rosters. In terms of public speaking and speech, I have been blessed in receiving recognition in the MRU speech and debate teams and Toastmasters International. In addition, my creativity is ignited in other such activities, like music (were you waiting for the typical Asian in me? well here you go :)), and other forms of art and inventive expression.

Eyasu Yakob

Director of Promotions

Hello, my name is Eyasu Yakob! I am a grade eleven student at Archbishop Macdonald High School located in Edmonton, Alberta. I started debating when I was in grade ten. And this year in 2020, my debate team was selected as the top novice debate team at the Edmonton’s Debate Regional Tournament. IMy hobbies include reading, practicing guitar and of course, speech & debate! I am the Director of Promotion for the Alibid Society, and as such, I collaborate with the other chairs in developing promotional strategies for the organization.

Weilan Zhang

Director of Branding

Hi all! My name is Weilan and I am a grade ten student pursuing an IB diploma at Western Canada High School. My debate journey began in grade seven when I took public speaking classes at MRU. I joined the speech club in grade nine and attended WCHS’s Debate and Model UN clubs in grade ten. As the Branding Director, I hope to captivate our members with the art of graphic design. Here’s to the growth and lasting success of Alibid!

Ivy Shi

Director of External Relations

Hey! My name is Ivy, I’m currently a grade nine student at Louis Riel Elementary Junior High School. In my spare time, I like to code, sail, make art, and practice public speaking with numerous organizations such as Toastmasters International, Cadets Effective Speaking program, and now Alibid Society! :) As your Director of External Relations, I hope to allow this organization to grow to new lengths and spread the importance of speech and debate, to a broader audience.

Alice Li

Director of Human Resources

Hi! My name is Alice and I’m a grade 10 partial IB student at Henry Wise Wood High School. I have never done public speaking nor debating prior to Alibid Society. However, this association had really taught me a lot! My hobbies include drawing in various mediums, as well as reading and playing the ukulele. As the Director of Human Resources, I strive to be an open outlet for our members and the executive team, helping everyone out the best I can by providing accurate information and resolving any conflicts.

Jamie Wang

Director of Finance

Hello, my name is Jamie Wang. I am currently a grade nine student attending Griffith Woods School. As your treasurer at Alibid Society, I manage finances, fundraising, and I also look for grant opportunities. My hobbies include reading, coding, effective speech, binging Netflix, stocks, and walking my dog. I hope you have a great time here with us!

Fall Camp Team

Stuti Garg - Grade 1-3 Project Manager

Salma Zein - Grade 1-3 Teacher

Edwina Ng - Grade 1-3 Teacher

Xincong Li - Grade 4-6 Project Manager

Kamand Ghorbanzadeh - Grade 4-6 Teacher

Shriya Venkataraman - Grade 4-6 Teacher

Mentors Team

Emily Howe - English Debating Society (University of Ottawa) 

Josh Johal - Junior Achievement 

Joshua Cohen - Dawson College Debating Society (Dawson College)


Alfonso F - Concordia University Debating Society (Concordia University)

Clemens Ziesik -  Stirling Debating Society (University of Stirling)

Euan Stainbank -  Stirling Debating Society (University of Stirling)

Aaron C -  Stirling Debating Society (University of Stirling)

Brent Leung -  Queen's Debating Union (Queen's University)

Sydney Campbell -  Queen's Debating Union (Queen's University)

Brandon Gusain -  Queen's Debating Union (Queen's University)

Livi Mcelera -  Queen's Debating Union (Queen's University)

Jun Kim - University of Western Ontario Debating Society (University of Western Ontario)


Alibid Society is a youth-led non profit organization that strives to promote the art of debate and speeches internationally.



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